Software Download and Installation

This procedure includes the download and installation of one free command, our IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) software and commands bundle including our TN5250 to XML API and a free 30 day trial of our Workload Performance Series software.

1) download

2) must be installed directly onto each system/LPAR and following excluded from data replication:
- QGPL/WORKPERF save file and WORKPERF library
- EZRAD.COM library and / IFS folder
- EZRAD and EZRADGRP user profiles
- EZRAD command and message queue
- QGPL/ANZJOBLOG command and program
- QGPL/WRKACTSQL command, program, data queue and data area
- QGPL/WRKDBR command and program
- QGPL/WRKRCDLCK command and program
- QGPL/WRKTMPSTG command and program
- QGPL/SALESFORCE command and program
- QGPL/ANZJRN command and program
- EZRAD authorization list

3) upload workperf.savf into QGPL/WORKPERF save file on iSeries


(must enter your iSeries local IP address inside of single quotes instead of

6) select option 9 from EZRAD WORKPERF command

7) press "F8=Start scheduler"

8) press "F7=Server jobs"

9) press "F5=Refresh" until jobs in the EZRAD.COM subsystem settle down then send us this screen shot to confirm that installation was successful

10) download Executive Overview PDF

11) select option 19 from EZRAD WORKPERF command and use these credentials to login to our browser-based Customer Portal

12) request permanent access codes for the free software with a screen shot of option 8 from the EZRAD WORKPERF command