Workload Performance Series AS400 software is a comprehensive, integrated suite of modules for your IBM i (iSeries, AS/400, System i) servers that looks at virtually every aspect of your system's application processing environment to diagnose and eliminate processing bottlenecks while avoiding unnecessary hardware upgrades. This software benefits Executive Management, Systems Administration and Software Development through a variety of tools including:

Free for a limited time
Work with Active SQL (WRKACTSQL) command
Work with Database Relations (WRKDBR) command

$500 USD per LPAR for software, commands and API bundle

Inactive prestart job time-out (QINACTITV)
Run SQL Statements (SALESFORCE) command
Analyze Journal (ANZJRN) command
TN5250 to XML API
Work with Temporary Storage (WRKTMPSTG) command
Work with Record Locks (WRKRCDLCK) command
Analyze Job Log (ANZJOBLOG) command

Workload Performance Series Free 30 day software trial (request quote)
System Navigator
Workload Navigator
Query Optimizer
Application Optimizer
Journal Optimizer
Disk Navigator
Spool Navigator

When used regularly, the Workload Performance Series software makes it easy to proactively pinpoint and correct the specific causes of system performance issues to save money, increase productivity, and improve quality throughout your organization.

Unlike other systems management tools, the Workload Performance Series software pinpoints root-cause performance issues and provides easy-to-implement solutions that can be executed immediately such as database tuning, application changes and systems-management technique improvements.

The power of the Workload Performance Series software lies in its ability to capture performance-related data that lets you quickly focus on the root causes of system performance issues. Because the parameters of the software's data collectors are easily customized, you can fine-tune the software to concentrate on specific areas of interest within your environment.