We offer a full range of IT consulting services, specializing in systems tuning and performance improvements including, but not limited to, IBM iSeries mid-range servers. Our goal is to work with you to reveal and resolve the root cause of a performance issue, not just find and treat symptoms.

Our process starts with learning about your company, your systems and what you hope to achieve with our services. We conduct a full analysis of systems using our proprietary Workload Performance Series® software to identify optimization opportunities. Next we discuss your major concerns based on our findings and how they fit into your priority list, timeline and budget. Based on those factors we present solutions to resolve the root causes we have agreed to tackle along with the data to support these suggestions. Armed with this knowledge you and your team can direct us how you would like to proceed. We will put together a detailed project management schedule to tightly track all work and keep you informed of our progress. Once complete we follow up by running checks to assure the root cause is resolved.